1. OFFER. This writing constitutes an offer by I5 Industries to sell products or work described herein in accordance with these terms and conditions, is not an acceptance of any offer made by Buyer and is expressly conditioned upon assent to these terms and conditions. I5 Industries objects to any additional or different terms contained in any purchase order or other communication previously or hereafter provided by Buyer to Seller. No additional or different terms or conditions will be binding upon I5 Industries unless specifically agreed to in writing.

2. PAYMENT TERMS. To approved credit, payment terms are net 30 days from the date of the invoice with no retainage. Past due balances are subject to 2% per month interest. I5 Industries has full right to with hold any orders until Seller has paid all outstanding invoices. If the credit application is not approved, the buyer will be responsible for paying 100% before each order is shipped.

3. RETURNS.  In - stock materials may not be returned, nor credit allowed without I5 Industries prior authorization. Authorized returns of in - stock materials in good sale-able condition are credited at invoice price less restocking (10%) and handling charges. Sale-able condition means new merchandise in original, undamaged and unmarked boxes accompanied by a valid receipt and returned within 90 days.

4. LABELING, MARKING AND PACKAGING. All Buyers will receive and sell the product as labeled (Kai by I5 Industries). In the event of any unauthorized private labeling, I5 Industries has the right to revoke the dealer’s membership.